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The Dallas Independent School District accepts public information requests via the following designated methods:

(1) By Portal by clicking onSubmit a Request

(2) By mail to:

Dallas Independent School District
Attention: Office of Legal Services - Public Information Request
9400 N Central Expressway, Suite 1675
Dallas, Texas 75231

(3) By e-mail to:
(4) By fax to: 972-925-3230
(5) In person at: 9400 N Central Expressway, Welcome Center

Your request will not be considered received unless it is sent via one of the designated methods.

If you are requesting information on behalf of an employee, please complete and upload the Consent for Release of Employee Personnel Records form and a copy of the employee's valid state identification (i.e. Texas drivers license, state identification card, and/or U.S. passport) to the portal or to

If you are a parent and/or legal guardian requesting student documentation for your student that is not considered student directory information, a Consent for Release of Student Information (FERPA) form and a copy of the parent and/or legal guardian's identification are required and should be uploaded to the portal or for verification purposes.

If these forms are not provided when the request is made, please note that additional redactions may need to be made to the requested documentation, and in some cases, documents may be exempt from disclosure or FERPA protected.

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